Micah Gogan is the owner and operator of Gogan’s Garage. Micah has over 10 years of experience in fitness, nutrition and training. He grew up in Heber City, Utah and faced the challenge of being overweight as a kid. Over the past 15 years Micah has worked with Head College Athletic Trainers, College Athletes, Triathletes, NFL Players and a wide variety of professionals around the United States.

Micah has dedicated his time and energy to elevating the quality of peoples lives through optimal fitness and nutrition. He is a specialist in nutrition, corrective exercise/rehabilitation training, athletic performance and strength training.

He personally has competed in a wide variety of High School and College Athletics as well as Bodybuilding and Strongman competitions. Through his experience he has helped produce four division one athletes and has relieved chronic knee, back and hip pain for physical therapy patients.