Is it time to get in shape and start a healthier lifestyle? Our professional trainers at Gogan’s Garage has been providing fitness instruction to the Heber City, UT area for over 4 years now. We customize each plan to you including nutrition, workouts, and one on one training. We can help you achieve your fitness goal whether it is to strengthen your core or get in shape for your wedding we are there! Our trainers are specialized in athletic performance training, strength training, fat loss training, corrective training, and injury rehab. Call us today at (435) 671-8423. and achieve your fitness goals! We are located in Heber City, UT.

Gym Services Provided:

  • Athletic Performance Training
  • Semi-private Fitness Training
  • Corrective and Rehab Exercise Training
  • Exclusive Fitness
  • Nutritional Planning
  • Nutrition consulting

Gym Products:

  • One-on-one training exclusive packages for athletes general fitness
  • Nutritional and fitness planning and consulting
  • Small group training
  • Vertimax training and athletic combine training


Includes one private session a week with a trainer (75 minute session)
Goal-Setting and Planning
Weekly Body Measurements
Custom Diet Structure
Custom Exercise Structure

  • 3 month package $1,000.00
  • 6 month Package $1,800.00
  • 9 Month Package $ 2,500.00
  • 12 Month Package $3,300.00


H: Honesty

E: Enthusiasm

A: Action

R: Respect

T: Trust

Strength and Conditioning Classes(Limited Slots available):

  • Month- to-Month $325.00
  • Three months paid in full $800.00
  • Six months paid in full $1400.00
  • Drop-in (day fee) $20.00

Personal Training (One-on-One all services)

  • Three months paid in full $2,880.00
  • Six months paid in full $4,680.00

Group Physical Education Class

September 10 – December 3, 2020
12 weeks payment due in full