To whom it may concern,

As a former Division 1 collegiate athlete, I understand the important role a strength and conditioning coach can play as a part of a team. I enthusiastically recommend Micah Gogan as such a coach. Over the past three years, Micah has given impressive amounts of his own time and energy to help my children achieve their athletic goals.

Micah has worked with two of my children as student-athletes at Wasatch High School in Heber City, Utah. He has strengthened and inspired them through their injuries and problem-solved and set goals with them to help them reach their athletic goals. He has a passion for success that you can feel in your first conversation with him. In addition to his sound knowledge, his enthusiasm is contagious.

Micah has great communication skills. He has always impressively been able to get us as parents on the same page with our athlete. I’ve watched him coach my individual children as well as rally the entire high school basketball team. He conveys a clear and concise message, both verbally and in writing. He has the ability to speak confidently in many different situations, whether addressing individuals or large groups. He represents very well in the public eye.

Micah pays great attention to detail and accomplishes tasks completely. He has been as committed to my children’s success as they are. He energetically initiates ideas, lays out a plan, and gets to work, following through with them to completion.

Micah has high moral principles and professional standards. He also has an important “coolness factor” with the athletes. He’s very interested in their lives, engages them easily, and inspires them to do the work to be successful. Finally, it’s always more fun when Micah is around. He can turn an early morning weight room into a good time!

It is my pleasure to recommend Micah Gogan as an outstanding coach. He will be an asset to any program.